Journal of Useless Information

Here at the Journal of Useless Information, we pride ourselves on statistically significant results that appear to hold no real value to the world.

What We Do

We are a rolling submission journal that publishes quarterly. We have a very stringent acceptance policy that considers only the least relevant studies from all of science. We offer a print subscription service as well, ideal for toilet reading. Use the above contact us page to request a print subscription and use the below link for journal submissions (no zipfiles allowed) .

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1732 Myers Hallway
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
P: (123) USE-LESS


We think our journal should represent only those articles without relevance. We see our journal as both a lighthouse in the fog, and a lighthouse that is not on in the fog.


We view these boats as data points. They have a high r squared value and are therefore quite correlated and significant.


We take only those papers that make it onto land. Everything else is a wash. Choose beach umbrellas, not turtles.